June 21, 2013

Star Wars Movies Timeline

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Star Wars

Star Wars
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Check out all the great Star Wars movies in the order in which they happen, not when they were made. Learn how Vader came to be, where Luke got the force, and why he and Leia should never have kissed!

May 21, 2012

BET Planning Lots Of New Programming

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The 2012 Upfront presentation that BET held for its advertisers offered a look at the coming year for viewers, as well. During the Upfront, BET revealed new scripted programming, original movies through BET and Centric, and a new online series through BET.com. There was also mention of other new series coming.

It appears that BET is continuing its drive to be the best, offering its viewers the programming they want to see. BET has just had the best year its ever had, and is still currently ranking in the top 20 of the growing list of cable networks. BET remains at the top of the list for ad support, among the African-American demographic, and has done so for 12 years, consecutively.

Debra L. Lee, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman for BET, said that BET has had an incredible year, and will continue to hold its reign in 2012. She added that BET has a roster of diverse new programming that both respects and reflects the lives of its viewers. (more…)

May 20, 2012

“James Cameron: Voyage to the Bottom of the Earth”

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james-cameron-before-avatar James Cameron made a name for himself as a Titanic historian and expert. Since the beginning of his journey through the waters that now house one of the most tragic ship wrecks of all time, Cameron has learned a great deal and discovered things the world may never have seen, otherwise.

Now, with the benefit of decades of exploration, and the backing of National Geographic, the footage and experience that Cameron has gained with a trip to the Mariana Trench can be enjoyed by viewers all over the world.

‘James Cameron: Voyage to the Bottom of the Earth’ will document the solo dive this pioneer made to the famous trench. The dive was made in a submersible that was especially designed for this particular dive. This dive makes Cameron the first person to visit the trench alone, diving more than 35,756 feet down. The Mariana Trench is more than seven miles below the Pacific Ocean, and around 200 miles from Guam. The program will premier on April 29, 2012, at 9:00 pm. (more…)

Reality Show Stars See An Increase In Their Salaries

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It seems that J Lo helped set a new standard for the pay that reality TV stars are receiving now. When Jennifer Lopez took over for Simon Cowell, she did so at the tune of about $12 million. This happened in 2010. Recent reports say she’s gotten a raise for her second season on American Idol, rolling in around $20 million for her efforts.

Since then J Lo’s brow-raising second season salary, her reality TV peers have seen salaries increase to the millions, and viewers have seen more well-known faces than ever before.

Although the exact amount is undisclosed, Steven Tyler, J Lo’s co-judge on AI, is also said to be raking in the millions.

NBC’s hit series, The Voice, employed Christina Aquilera for a third season, as judge, at approximately $10 million.

Howard Stern will be judge for NBC’s show, America’s Got Talent, for about $15 million. (more…)

May 19, 2012

Justice Served for Missouri Woman in “Girls Gone Wild” Case or Was It?

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Controversial TV show “Girls Gone Wild” has filed for a new trial in a St Louis court verdict where a 20 year old college student was awarded over $5 million dollars in a suit against the producers of the show for obtaining a shot of the victim in a bar and using it as part of their production without her permission.

A Circuit Court Judge, John Garvey, from St. Louis, Mo ruled in favor of Tamera Favazza in a law suit against Mantra Films, Inc and MRA Holdings LLC back in March, giving her $5.7 million dollars.  In 2005, Favazza was a college student and was in a bar one night when someone pulled down her top and exposed her breasts.  Someone filmed her, and she later found out that she was part of the “Girls Gone Wild Sorority Orgy” DVD series. (more…)