November 12, 2013

Ginnifer Goodwin: Before Once Upon a Time

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“I will always find you.”

Television viewers familiar with ABC’S hit series Once Upon a Time will no doubt hear that quote in the sweet and loving voice of Ginnifer Goodwin  who stars as Snow White/Mary Margaret in the fairy-tales-gone-fractured fantasy series. Ginnifer Goodwin plays a Snow White can be sweet, sassy, loving, and even spiteful—an interesting twist on a character that is too often portrayed with all the personality of a wet doormat.

ginnifer-goodwinMany people are no doubt familiar with Ginnifer Goodwin’s work on Once Upon a Time. But there is more to Ginnifer Goodwin’s career than her “fairy tale” success as Snow White. Let’s look at some of the more popular, well-received and interesting roles that Goodwin has under her film and television experience belt.


It may come as a surprise to fans who no-doubt now consider Goodwin to be a mainstay of primetime televsion, but her role on television has not always been that of an apple-avoiding fairy tale princess. Prior to Once Upon a Time, Goodwin has acted in about 9 television series–sometimes adding just her voice to shows like SpongeBob Square pants and Robot Chicken–and sometimes having recurring roles, such as that of Diane Snyder in Ed (2001-2004) and Margene Heffmen in Big Love (2006-2011).

She is arguably best well known for her role in Big Love–she starred in 53 episodes of the original series as the character of Margene Heffman, whom she reprised in two episodes for the show Big Love: In the Beginning.ginnifer-goodwin-interview

After the premiere of season 1 of Once Upon a Time, Ginnifer also took the role of Jean Marie St. Cloud in Electric City. She starred in 20 episodes of this award winning web series, which was actually created by star and fellow actor, Tom Hanks.


Goodwin’s first notable role was as Connie Baker in the popular film, Mona Lisa Smile. And many fans cite her role as Vivian Cash (the first wife of the famous Johnny Cash) in the 2005 biopic, Walk the Line, as their favorite. Goodwin has frequently starred in romantic comedies, such as He’s Just Not That into You, A Single Man, and Something Borrowed. Other roles include “Aunt Bea” in the 2010 adaptation of Ramona and Bezos and “Cathy Feely” in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. Go to this website for more great entertainment choices.